03 October 2010

Trendy MP3 player is versatile in different situations

The most famous MP3 player in this day and age would be the iPod, although technically Apple's device is a portable media player (PMP) since it does video as well. Regardless of whether it is a PMP or MP3 player, most of these aren't exactly of the rugged stock, but this British-designed Trendy MP3 player can double up as a sports gadget as well. What's a sports gadget, you ask? Well, the touchscreen interface boasts a sliding switch that can control all functions on it, while displaying essential information like elapsed time, amount of calories burnt, current speed and the distance covered thanks to a GPS tracker when it is in running mode. A built-in sensor on the side of the device will show off the heart rate, and nice to see a rubber finger sleeve provide a firm grip even when you're sweating all over.

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