30 October 2011

Keyport Slide

Are you tired of lugging around your set of keys?  Do they hurt you when you’re carrying them in your pocket?  Are you looking for a real alternative to your keychain?  Check out the Keyport Slide; the ultimate keychain alternative.
The Keyport Slide takes your keys and consolidates them into one ultimate device making them less bulky, less noisy and overall easier to handle and use.  It’s a small box, covered in stainless steel for durability, that contains the shanks to up to 6 of your keys which are connected to “nodes” that enable you to slide them in and out.
Ordering the Keyport Slide is fairly simple but getting your keys made up is a little more complicated but worth the effort.  You basically need to:
  1. Print their chart,
  2. Fill out the information about each key (usage, any codes, etc. found on the key),
  3. Place each key on the chart with the info about it, and
  4. Take a picture of the chart.
They suggest covering the cuts with tape so there is no way for them to be duplicated without your knowledge.  They won’t be doing the actual duplicating but they’re sending you the compatible blanks (or blades) so you can have a locksmith do the cutting for you.
If you are wiling to give up a few slots, they also offer a few other gadgets to put in instead of keys, such as a USB drive, bottle opener, or an LED light.

The Keyport Slide really is an awesome alternative to the old school keychains we typically carry around.  Perhaps you’ll never carry a keyring again.

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