15 September 2010

DJ Mouse: might not be a great mouse but it’s a great DJing tool

For DJs who have jumped ship and gone totally digital (and there’s a large number who have, at least if sneaking a peek at their setups in nightclubs is anything to go by) this DJ Mouse looks like an interesting addition.
It is designed to work with the PC/Mac software Deckadance, and comes with a special mat that’s supposed to make the mouse easier to use.

The product page makes no mention whether the aluminium and rubber-clad gizmo can be used effectively as a real mouse, but as left-button functions include dragging and dropping of songs and playing samples, I’d imagine it can.
It doesn’t look the most ergonomic bit of kit for general purpose mousery, but pair it with Deckadance and it allows quick access to effects, samples, loops, previews, fader and knob control, rewinding and fast forwarding, scratching, and a whole host more.

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