17 October 2011

Aquasolo the irrigation system

 While you are on vacations your flowers need not suffer with this self-watering system by Aquasolo. The proprietary device enables users to irrigate flowers for long time period*, utilizing exactly a bottle of water and the Aquasolo system.
 Consisting of a micro-porous ceramic cone that can be adjusted to fit almost plastic bottles, Aquasolo is just screwed onto the finish of a water-filled bottle. The bottle is then turned inverted and the cone is drove into the soil around your plant. To produce an irrigation scheme and air vent, a puncture hole requires to be built in the base of the bottle to complete the process.
Once in place, the Aquasolo waters your flowers without any extra help. Four cone sizes is usable that distribute 7, 20, 30 or 50 centilitres of water per 24-hour period, depending upon the flower’s type or size. The 7-centilitre capability is proper for a modest indoor flower, whereas the 50-centilitre can be used for irrigating veggies. How long your flowers are irrigated for depends upon the size of the bottle the cone is came with. For instance, a 2-litre bottle with a 7-centilitre cone will offer 28 days of irrigating. Depending upon the cone and bottle size, Aquasolo can offer capable 70 days of irrigating without a fill again.

On a heavy window box, a lot of cones should be placed in the dirt. It's also suggested that your dirt be enriched on dissolvable plant food. Aquasolo is a general system that accommodates almost totally styles of plastic bottle as there are 3 distinct threads on the cone to agree another bottle sizes, from 0.5 liters to 2 liters. The kit can also fit around 5-litre bottles. Each cone ensures slow, regular water dispersion into the dirt which can be utile still if you're home, but do not have the time to water your flowers day by day. Aquasolo cones cost €6.50 (around US$10.25) for each one or €19.50 (approximately US$30.80) for a pack of four.

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