21 October 2010

Mobile Laptop by HP

The future is here! Nikita Buyanov, an industrial designer, has uncovered few outstanding concept laptops combining Intel and HP. HP Eco has been designed for echo issued persons. This laptop includes bar-code reader, solar charge cells and a bracelet for controlling blood pressure, pulse, and many more. HP Nobag has touch sensor with hard OLED technology, ideal for those who don’t like to carry big bags for laptops. HP Fitness serves theweight control purpose most, also comprises a similar bracelet to keep record of work out sessions. HP Make-up has a button that changes the screen to a mirror and has an on-nail printing device. HP Mama will allow parents to monitor their children with two Bluetooth cameras. HP Chameleon is a concept laptop with an adaptive microcell coverage enabling the laptop to be transformed in its surround background. Finally, HP Perfume is conceptual laptop where you can change your laptop to a lamp or air freshener with ability to download smell samples and mix it with smell matrix of HP Perfume laptop

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