03 October 2010

Babyoom grows with your baby

Purchasing a pram for first time parents can be a daunting decision for those who are rather indecisive - after all, which model out of the hundreds out there is reliable enough for the new prince/princess in the family? Check out the Babyoom that could very well help save parents lots of money in the process - after all, it will function as a pram from ages 0 to 3, and when your toddler starts discovering the use of legs, you can turn it into a children’s cycle. Not only that, it also doubles up as your shopping cart if required - although we would not recommend you stocking it up with fish and other smelly perishables lest you want your kid to dislike his/her 'comfort zone'. Now, to wait for a manufacturer to see the potential of such a device and roll it off their factory lines.

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