17 September 2010

Swivel Car Tray

 In America, eating fast food on the run simply makes sense. For this reason, the Swivel Car Tray is sure to be a hit with individuals that have perfected the art of eating and driving. The swivel car tray is a small table device that attaches to a standard cup holder in the car. The tray can swivel from the passenger to driver and makes it extra convenient for drivers to stuff their mouths at a red light or stop sign.

The tray is specifically designed to hold food in place. The center of the tray is textured to ensure that food items don’t slide or roll around. Although the tray has a swivel design, it can still easily lock into place.

Some individuals may feel the swivel car tray advocates unhealthy eating and is more of a disservice to society than a convenience. However, the tray is only as a good as the food that it holds, and it’s up to the consumer to determine whether they want to place unhealthy or healthy food on their swivel tray.

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