19 September 2010

A Support for iPad by Psychic Factory

With its rounded form iPad is pleasant to the eye due to its sleek look, however, such a form does not seem ideal if you are going to use the device as a sketch pad on the table. Psychic Factory comes with a nice solution – the iSketch that is likely to seem great to you. It offers a snug-fitting protective support for the device, but this is not all. Also it props up the iPad at an elevated level for more comfort while the user is doodling or scribbling on it. One more great characteristic – the iSketch doubles up into a powermat for hassle-free charge.

The gadget comes with a stylus as well as with some sketching apps due to which it can give you an edge while you are doling out your creativity. As you understand, this is only a concept, but after some time we will realize whether it is worth effort or not!

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