08 September 2010

LIT Brings Underglow LED Lighting For Your Living Room

If you have a thing for neon lighting and odd glowing objects, then you’ll love the Underglow light kit from LIT, which adds a certain pizazz to your furniture that we’ve never seen before.
The length of the lights are adjustable and can be set to a specific color, or just have it display the vibrant colors of the rainbow. The basic kit is available from LIT for $210 with one 37-inch LED tube, awesome remote control and power supply. A battery pack is also available for wireless installation and additional tubes range from $75 to $88.

This is a great for a spacious apartment to compliment your furniture. These lights are not suggested for small apartments,trust me, it’ll just look plain weird. Please avoid lighting up the entire apartment. Trust us, it’ll help save your manhood.

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