13 September 2010

Lenovo’s Pocket Yoga

It’s wonderful how small and compact this notebook is! I love the convenience of having to carry a laptop like this. Look, you can even put it in your pants’ pocket!
This newest netbook from Lenovo is called the Pocket Yoga.
The gadget comes with an ultra-wide screen and a display that is so much like the VAIO. It also has a touchscreen feature as you can work this baby with a stylus. You can fold it up or flip it like you would any regular notepad or notebook (the ones made of paper).

The gadget has not been officially announced yet, and there are no technical details as of this time but I can bet you it is already generating a lot of interest.
But Lenovo’s director, Johnson Li, has actually blogged about the concept, here.

  • Pocket Yoga is shaped just like a large wallet. You can easily put it into your pocket. The proportion of length and width is about the maximum size for a notebook that can fit into a pocket, or, as we like to say, it is the smallest pocket notebook.
  • The surface is covered with wallet leather, so it is soft and comfortable to put it into a pocket or a bag. Leather can transform a cold, plastic or metal machine into something warm and considerate, transforming it into something friendlier and more like a trusted and valued possession. Always there, always waiting.
  • The “pocket Yoga” inherits the 360-degree soft hinge design from the Yoga notebook. The soft hinge supports three modes, locking into each position. I feel that the hinge mechanism was one of the major innovations behind its usability and new experience for the user.
I can’t wait for this one to be released!
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